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This Agreement is Seller’s offer to enter into a Remote Retail Agreement.

This Public Offer Agreement is addressed to an unspecified number of people.

By ordering any product or service on the Tshirttools.shop website, you confirm your agreement to the terms of this Public Offer.

By accessing the materials of this website, the user is thereby entering into this Public Offer Agreement.

This Public Offering Agreement is effective from the time it is published on the website until the adoption of a new version of the Public Offering Agreement.


1.1 Online store vendors who sell goods. Offers on the Site are invitations to join the Agreement that are distributed to an arbitrary number of users. The User has the option to accept the Seller’s offer after considering it by completing the necessary order form and paying for the Goods in advance. The User’s offer to acquire the relevant goods on the terms stated in the offer shall be regarded accepted when the User pays the money due for the Goods.

1.2 The User accepts the website’s listed conditions of sale for the Goods by adding them to the Online Store. The User shall immediately cease using the service and leave the website www.tshirttools.shop if they disagree with the terms of sale.

1.3 According to Article 633 of the Civil Code, the current terms of sale for the Goods and the information about the Goods provided on the website constitute a Public Offer.

1.4 The Seller reserves the right to alter the terms at any time and without giving the User or the Buyer prior notice. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement or by applicable law, the updated terms of this Agreement take effect when they are posted on the website.

1.5 The minute the User accepts the offer, the Agreement is assumed to have been reached.

1.6 The Seller’s transmission of a telegraph (SMS, email, telephone, etc.) or other communication notifying the Seller of receipt and/or pricing of the Goods or the User’s Order shall not be construed to be acceptance of the Seller’s offer. This message is merely a confirmation that the Seller’s order has been received.

1.7 The time that the User receives and accepts the Goods is the time that is (whichever is earlier): signed by the Recipient in the acceptance-delivery document of the Goods (or another document of equivalent content), or by the Recipient’s signature on the carrier’s documents confirming the actual receipt of the shipment containing the Goods, or by the Receipt’s actual receipt of the Goods.

1.9 By providing Seller with his phone number and email, the buyer consents to the use of these channels of communication by the seller and any linked third parties to carry out their obligations. the Buyer with yourself. The information may be used to communicate details concerning order delivery and other details pertaining to the fulfillment of duties owed to Buyers under this open offer. By submitting an Order, the User/Buyer consents to the Seller’s ability to delegate execution of the Agreement to a third party while still being held accountable for that party’s performance.

1.10 The accuracy and dependability of the data entered on the Order form are the user’s responsibility. Any loss and associated expenses shall be the responsibility of the User if an improper (inaccurate) indication of the data in the order has resulted in the Seller incurring additional costs in connection with the delivery of the Goods to the incorrect address or the delivery of the Goods that do not belong to the User. In order to settle any counterclaims, Seller reserves the right to withhold such loss or expense from the sum provided by the User as payment for the Goods.


2.1 The option given to the User to purchase the Goods listed in the Online Store’s catalog for purposes unrelated to business activity is the topic of this Agreement.


3.1 The Seller warrants that the products listed in the online store will be available. Pictures of the goods are for illustration purposes only; the goods’ actual appearance may vary. There may be typographical errors in the descriptions and specifications of the products that are included. Anytime the buyer needs more information about this product, they can get in touch with customer care.

3.2 If the Seller does not have the goods the buyer purchased, the Seller is entitled to withdraw those goods from the order or to cancel it and notify the buyer by phone or email.

3.4 The buyer is provided with a replacement in the event that the purchase order is completely or partially unpaid in advance. If there are no replacement goods available, the seller must refund the value of the destroyed goods to the buyer in a way that has been individually agreed upon by the buyer and seller, or in a way that requires payment from the buyer to the seller. Goods.

3.5 The time of delivery is decided taking into account the time needed by the Seller to make the products in the event that the ordered products are not in stock with the Seller or if the ordered Goods are manufactured for a specific Buyer. chemical. In these circumstances, the delivery period starting on the date the order was received should not go past 30 business days. An informational note is sent to the buyer’s email informing them of the relevant Goods’ absence from the seller’s inventory.


4.1 Personal information is only gathered in order to meet with legal obligations in the areas of accounting, tax accounting, and advertising.

4.2 By submitting his or her personal information during the website’s registration procedure, the User grants the Seller permission to handle those details, including for the purpose of advertising the Seller’s products and services.

4.3  With the User/Buyer’s permission, the Seller is permitted to send informational messages, including promotional messages, to his email and mobile phone. The User/Buyer is free to decline receiving advertisements and other material without providing a justification. Automatic service messages informing the user or buyer of the order and its processing steps are sent, and the user or buyer cannot opt out.

4.4 The technology known as “Cookies” may be used by the Seller. Cookies do not include or transmit private information to outside parties.

4.5 The technology known as “Cookies” may be used by the Seller. Cookies do not include or transmit private information to outside parties.

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