5 Colors Trends You Must Try This Season

I conducted my own research to determine the upcoming fashion color trends for 2023. How? That is how it is done: by scanning more than 200 runways. Color trends can be seen more clearly at a look than other trends, especially bold ones that, according to literally leaped off the screen, require almost microscopic precision to identify. These five colours are the most popular in the newest collections, I can certainly state after sifting through many runway images. I suggest you start using these colors now to rapidly give your ensembles a new look in 2023.

1. Violet Haze

Style Notes: I would argue that the tones of violet and lilac that appeared on a surprising number of runways this season are even chicer even though they are not Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023—Viva Magenta.

2. Black Magic

Style Notes: Okay, I see what you are thinking: black is not exactly in style. I understand, but it is noticeable when it is used in so many layered, top-to-toe costumes on so many different runways. especially given that we are talking about the spring/summer season.

3. Lime Wedge

Style Notes: There have been an average of 39,000 page views every month since the September Fashion Month shows, according to Morgane Le Caer, a fashion specialist and content editor at Lyst. I do not know what else to call it, but this zesty shade of lime green, which appeared in all the major collections, is one of the top fashion color trends for 2023.

4. Blinding Whites

Style Notes: I am sure some of you will argue that white is not a “trend”; it is ageless, similar to the black group above. But its strength is located here. Designers explored white in a variety of fabrics, from silk to vinyl, making it feel even more energizing, and that is exactly how we should be wearing it this year.

5. Siren Saffron

Style Notes: If lime green is not your style, you might want to think about the 2023 fashion color trend for saffron. In the most recent collections, this striking hue of red was difficult to overlook and was typically worn head to toe in hosiery, dresses, and suiting.