6 Stunning Hoodie Outfits to Rock This Winter

Hoodies have a terrible reputation for being worn by slobs and fashion-phobic guys who may or may not live in their mother’s basement, but this is not the case.

One of your wardrobe’s most adaptable items is the hoodie. A hoodie can improve your style game and keep you comfy whether you’re hitting the gym, going out on a date, or enduring the cold.

For your consideration, here are seven distinct everyday hoodie outfits.

What You’ll Need for Hoodie Style

Since there are so many different ways to wear a hoodie, you’ll need a sizable wardrobe to accommodate all the many style pairings we discuss in this article.

Of course, not all of these fashions will suit you, so use the list below as a starting point from which to select.

Black chinos

Blue or black jeans

A white T-shirt

Athletic shoes

Solid color button-down shirt

Zip hoodie

White sneakers

Chelsea boots


Pullover hoodie


6 Hoodie Style Ideas

Styling a Zip Up Hoodie

How to style a zip-up hoodie If I can avoid it, I prefer to avoid zipping up the hoodie.

Hoodies with zippers offer fantastic chances for layering apparel, which is both practical for environments with varying temperatures and quite fashionable.

You can pull together a basic ensemble for the cooler months using the same American Giant Classic Full Zip hoodie by starting with the same basis of blue jeans, white tee, and Classic Full Zip, and then adding a denim jacket or corduroy jacket on top.

Styling a Zip Up Hoodie

Styling a Zip Up Hoodie

This look is straightforward, functional, and gives off a more rugged, grunge-inspired attitude. I would pair these clothes with high-quality leather boots.

Again, I find it more comfortable to leave the hoodie unzipped in this situation. But if necessary, it may be zipped up to add some more warmth.

Another easy way to style a zip-up hoodie is to start with the same foundation of blue jeans, a white tee, and the Classic Full Zip, but add an outer layer of flannel or a thick shirt jacket over top.

You have lots of possibilities with this outfit to mix and match your layers or add and remove them as the weather changes. This outfit will earn you bonus points if you’re out on a date and you know your date gets cold a lot because you gave up two layers for their warmth.

Styling an Oversized Hoodie

It only seems sense that we examine how to design an oversized hoodie given that baggy clothing is currently popular in mainstream fashion.

Generally, try to pair an oversized hoodie with other loose-fitting clothing. Tight jeans and an oversized sweatshirt will make you appear to have missed leg day or to be the lead vocalist of an early 2000s pop punk band.

Your topmost layer should be an oversized hoodie because adding further layers on top will look odd and probably not be comfortable.

Styling an Oversized Hoodie

Styling an Oversized Hoodie

Straight-cut blue jeans, sneakers, a tee, and a large hoodie on top are a straightforward way to style an enormous hoodie. This is your typical clothing for running errands.

The Storm Full Zip hoodie from American Giant is the one we’ve chosen to style today. Based on the American Giant Classic Full Zip, this sweatshirt has been upgraded to be water-resistant and include a scuba hood.

Although this sweatshirt wasn’t made to be huge, we’re utilizing a larger size than usual to wear it more or less as a jacket.

To provide protection from the elements, the scuba hood is extremely deep and zips up over the neck. I prefer to don a baseball cap, zip up my hoodie, and put the hood over my head for a covert appearance that works well in any weather.

Styling a Black Hoodie

A black hoodie is the model example of how adaptable hoodies can be styled. I can’t think of any situations where this all-purpose apparel doesn’t work in your favor, with the exception of attempting to wear a black hoodie with a tux.

The Classic Full Zip from American Giant is our go-to black hoodie. This sweatshirt is comfortable, strong, and designed to last far longer than your normal hoodie from a fast fashion manufacturer because it is made of ringspun cotton and produced domestically.

Styling a Black Hoodie

Styling a Black Hoodie

The easiest way to wear this sweatshirt is layered over a white t-shirt with blue jeans and a pair of complementary sneakers, like these high-top Converse All-Stars. Any man’s wardrobe should include this tried-and-true outfit as a fundamental component because it works for a variety of activities.

Want to conduct your food shopping without appearing shabby? Check. Having a couple beers with the guys after doing some grocery shopping? not even necessary to alter. Want to wow your casual date more when it starts to get chilly? Give up your hoodie.

If Warren Buffett treated sweatshirts the same way he treated securities, he would choose the black hoodie as the best investment.

Want to take this outfit to the next level?

Although the clothing in the example above is somewhat generic, it may simply be enhanced to have a little more flair. Put on a button-down shirt or flannel and leave it unbuttoned before layering the hoodie over the white t-shirt.

This minor adjustment might transform you from a carefree young adult to a mature guy in the eyes of others. Details matter, particularly when it comes to footwear.

Styling a Sweat Suit

Sweat suits are very popular in mainstream fashion, continuing the trend of loose apparel. You won’t find a more comfortable clothing than a sweatsuit anywhere, and I don’t believe it has ever been more acceptable to do so outside of the gym.

Styling a Sweat Suit

Styling a Sweat Suit

The standard sweatsuit ensemble is for visiting the gym. I like to put on a non-cotton exercise top, a pair of American Giant Classic Sweatpants, their Classic Full Zip, and white socks that are just barely visible under the sweatpants. This relaxed, almost unkempt appearance is as practical as it is comfortable.

Another large clothing-inspired fashion trend is stomper boots, which go particularly well with sweatsuits. This appears to be the go-to costume when going to the airport for some reason, especially if you add a big pea coat over your sweatshirt.

A baseball cap completes the image and lends you the extra measure of anonymity that superstars may use to evade paparazzi.

Although I like to wear a pullover hoodie with sweatsuits, a zip hoodie looks just as well and offers the same layering possibilities.

Styling a Hoodie to Turn Heads

You might already be familiar with all the clothes we’ve discussed up to this point, so you’re eager to mix things up a bit.

Recently, hoodies have begun to appear in more avant-garde fashion trends, one of which I’ve illustrated below.

Styling a Hoodie to Turn Heads

Styling a Hoodie to Turn Heads

Like the Dr. Martens I’m wearing, this outfit begins with a pair of leather stomper boots. You require a specific style of trouser or formal pant for your bottoms. It can be a single color, a herringbone pattern, or stripes like mine.

Put on a pullover hoodie and tuck a black turtleneck sweater into these pants. Make sure the turtleneck’s collar is visible and consider rolling the sleeves out and over the hoodie’s cuffs.

It combines enough formalities to be suitable for a high-end bar while also fitting in at the neighborhood dive.

Styling a Hoodie as Outerwear

If you don’t want a full-on jacket, hoodies like the Storm Full Zip from American Giant are the ideal alternative for outerwear. The Storm Full Zip’s adaptability makes it a terrific option for layering in the cold, rain, snow, and wind.

Using a sweatshirt as outerwear allows you to add more layers below without appearing like the little brother from A Christmas Story, even though it won’t be as warm as a dedicated winter coat.

Styling a Hoodie as Outerwear

Styling a Hoodie as Outerwear

I would choose straight-leg blue jeans, leather boots, and a fine crew neck sweater because I am dressing for the weather. The Storm Full Zip is placed on top, and a baseball cap is optionally added for a bit more coverage.

A rainstorm, a blizzard, or everyone’s biggest enemy, frozen sidewalks, won’t stop you wearing this kind of clothing.

It is entirely up to you what you want to wear underneath the hoodie, but since we are using a larger hoodie as outerwear, I’d aim for loose-fitting slacks to balance the visual weight of the ensemble.