Women’s Fashion Trend Guide: How to Wear a Zip-Up Hoodie

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A zip-up hoodie is the most fashionable type of cardigan because it is a versatile combination of a sweatshirt and a classic cardigan. Because current knitted fashion clothing rarely include real wool these days, traditional cardigans tend to pill and look worn-out soon. However, because zip-up hoodies have a large percentage of cotton, they last far longer and are a superior financial investment for your wardrobe. There are many new cardigan styles available this year, but everyone needs a pair of zip-up hoodies in their collection because they are both practical and trendy, keeping you warm inside and out!

How to Choose the Best Zip-Up Hoodies for Your Style

Plan and prepare for shopping visits so you acquire what you want while not being distracted by goods that don’t match your clothing.

  • Before you go shopping, decide what outfits you want to wear with your hoodie so you can get the ideal colors for your wardrobe.
    Wear high waisted jeans or other accessories such as shoes, belts, X suspenders/braces, or handbags that you want to wear with your hoodies so you can experiment with alternative looks.
  • For a completely hot, boyish style, wear a light-weight sweatshirt under a faux-leather jacket.
  • Wear a well-fitting, high-quality sweatshirt with tailored pencil skirts for a polished effect.
  • Buy a zip hoodie or two to match your day dresses and wear them to work for a sophisticated hoodie look.
    Remember that the casual clothing trend this year is toward bigger apparel, so if you enjoy that look, don’t buy close-fitting hoodies now and regret it afterwards.
  • Flannel shirts are back in style this year, so dress up an old hoodie by layering it over a new flannel shirt for a new appearance.
  • Add interesting hair accessories, purses, and jewelry to your hoodie look to make it more feminine.

This year’s colors for zip-up hoodies

If you tend to wear a lot of black ‘bottoms’ in the winter, red is a terrific hue to wear and is also popular with many celebrities. Winter colors, on the other hand, include deep purple, burgundy, deep pink, dark sapphire blue, and forest green. Remember that brown/light-brown, sand, and khaki trousers and pants are prominent this year, so if you’re shopping for spring/summer attire, seek for shades that will complement this year’s trendy colors.

Gray is another popular color for this year and is usually a safe bet. Summer hues include soft, pastel green, blue, pink, lavender, yellow, and peach tones, and of course, the black zip up hoodie never goes out of style; this season, try the black or grey zip up hoodie.

Plus-size women’s zip-up hoodie styles

This year, curvaceous ladies have a plethora of alternatives for attractive zip-up hoodies. You can also choose between warm parkas for winter and stylish, cropped hoodies for summer. Plain hoodies will go with all patterned tops because there are so many graphic tees and lace tops on the market for spring/summer. Cropped plus-size sweatshirts look great with high-waisted jeans and will draw attention to your waist.

Styles of zip-up hoodies for diminutive ladies

Not all hoodies will flatter your body if you’re short and fat around the waist and tummy. And oversized, loose-fitting hoodies will overpower a tiny body type. So, for a longer line, buy well-fitting, short hoodies and layer them over a longer white tee. Then zip up your hoodie to form a V-neck, which will make your body-line appear taller.

Tall women’s zip-up hoodie styles

Taller women can wear patterned hoodies like the ones sold by Classy Giraffe. Floral and striped sweatshirts look great with high-waisted jeans or long, fitting denim shorts in the summer. Combine with warm, flat ankle boots or Converse sneakers.

Striped zip-up hoodies

Striped zip-up hoodies are always a good option if you want to seem smart and attractive, because stripes are timeless! Look for striped hoodies with the new hues in large bands, such as burgundy, light gray, and dark gray. Or brown with three-color streaks of beige and sand. Then you pair your bottoms with one of the primary stripe colors, or wear black, and accessorize with a woolly hat, warm gloves, or a scarf in a complementing color.

Oversized zip-up hoodies: styling an oversized zip-up hoodie

Over-sized hoodies are nirvana for those of us who dislike wearing garments in general! They don’t get tight after a large and tasty dinner, and they conceal an uncomfortably large tummy. In the winter, many layers beneath an over-sized hoodie will keep you warm and comfy. They also don’t have to be bulky, as there are some really attractive pink and pastel colored over-sized hoodies in the summer assortment. With Mom jeans and blue espadrilles, an over-sized sweatshirt with a flared form and no tapered rib on the bottom edge might seem feminine and flattering.

Zip-up hoodies made of stretchable, velvet fabric were actually highly popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, they were not known as ‘hoodies’ at the time. Then, of course, hip-hop culture brought them back to prominence in the 1990s. So it appears that this is yet another retro-trend that has become a timeless classic. And with monthly fashion updates, it’s reaching a broader audience with each return as one of our favorite, ultra-trendy and comfortable fashion classics!